Connecting American & European AI Experts

Get insights from experts in various fields of AI

Join us at the European AI Summit 2023 – A groundbreaking event that aims to bridge the gap between AI professionals from Europe and the United States.

The primary goal is to facilitate knowledge exchanges, achieved by a unique format based on feedback from our audience. Understanding the value of time, each of the 15 speakers have a short and precise opportunity to convey their views and experiences within a tight 3-5 minute timeframe. This focused approach ensures that attendees receive a diverse range of insights and perspectives from renowned experts across various domains of AI.

Opening: European AI Summit

4:30 pm

Thomas Neubert

Founder of Transatlantic AIeXchange & Co-founder of WowDAO

Regina Mehler


Government & Organizations: Transatlantic collaboration connecting eco-systems

4:35 pm

Felix Neugart

CEO of NRW.Global Business

Pauline Kao

Consul General at U.S. ConsulateGeneral Düsseldorf

Gerard De Graaf

Senior EU Envoy for Digital inthe US & Head of the EU Office in San Francisco

VC & Investors: Expectations and Insights from global investors

4:55 pm

Jussi Hätönen

Head of the EIC Unit at EuropeanInvestment Bank (EIB)

Nardo Manaloto

Managing Partner at QubitsVentures

Karolin Beck

Venture Partner at Tola Capital

Estelle Godard

Investor at Promus Ventures

Olaf Jacobi

Managing Partner at CapnamicVentures

Eva Maria Olbers

Operating Partner at Point72 Ventures

Startups, Entrepreneurs & Experts: AI / Deeptech / Sustainability - Use cases, opportunities and intl networks

5:20 pm

Chiara Petrioli

Founder & CEO, WSense -Professor, Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering, SapienzaUniversità di Roma

Tero Ojanperä

Co-founder Chairman of

Matthias Notz

CEO of Global Entrepreneurship

Holger Hoos

Alexander von Humboldt Professorin AI, Co-founder and Chair of the Board of CLAIRE, RWTH Aachen University

Joerg Bienert

Partner at Alexander Thamm GmbH& President of German AI Association

Federico Menna

CEO at EIT Digital

Kamini Aisola

Director for EMEA Business Development at Amazon Web Services

Research Institutions: Transatlantic collaboration in research and development

5:50 pm

Zahar Barth-Manzoori

Director DWIH San Francisco

Christian Temath

Managing Director KI.NRW

Philipp Slusallek

Professor Computer Graphics @Saarland University; Scientific Director "Agents and Simulated Reality" @ DFKI Saarbrücken

We will announce further #DDD23 speakers soon. Stay tuned!

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